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PT TIRA AUSTENITE Tbk. was established in April 1974 and commenced its business activities as trading company with a focus as distributor, representative and licensed sole agent for high quality of European specialized products of technical machineries. The company has been widely recognized to represent leading European Enterprises, such as: Industeel of France, ODS of the Netherlands; and EWM, MESSER of Germany.

Due to the vast growth, its business area was further expanded from trading to manufacture. In July 1993, PT Tira Austenite Tbk became a public enterprise with its shares were subsequently listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange. Since december 2003, the shareholders are PT Mulia Darma Sarana (44,64%), PT. Widjaja Tunggal Sejahtera (26,24%), PT. Martensite Unggul (20,65 %) and the remaining 8,47 % are owned by public.

Today, the continued growth of PT Tira Austenite Tbk. has been maintained in 11 branches and 3 representatives throughout the country. With the company's affiliates, PT Tira Andalan Steel, PT Alpha Austenite, PT. Tanah Sumber Makmur, PT Tekun Asas Sumber Makmur and PT Genta Laras Semesta, the staff are composed over 500 highly motivated managers, sales engineers and skilled technicians that are ready to challenge short and long term global economy.

Our excellent sales engineers supported by highly skilled production staff and management are commited to provide full services to our clients by product counseling through technical assistance and after sales service. The company's prestigious reputation has been proved by its consistency in delivering high quality products and services.


To be a world-class and leading company in manufactures, supplies and distributes of technical products throughout Indonesia.


To build a valuable company that manufactures, supplies and distributes a portfolio of technical products which generates strong, steady and profitable revenue streams through:
   Ensuring Professionalism in human resources
   Delivering prompt,professional customer solutions
   Continual product innovation to keep up with and lead technological developments
   Working in close partnership with all related parties
   Being a good corporate citizen by taking a responsible and caring approach to the environment

The logo design consists of stack of parts that are well arranged. This represents PT Tira Austenite Tbk that has developed into a big, strong and steady company.


  The blue color of the logo reflects stability, steady, calm and trustworthy.


  The gray color of the logo represents a well-established company that has developed and
  offers high technology.

Board of
Drs. Johnny Widjaya Ir. Johnny Santoso DR. Yono Reksoprodjo, ST.DIC
President Commissioner

Board of
H. Toto Wahyudiyanto, SE.,MBA Agus Harijanto Hadi Gunawan
President Director
Director Director